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With a variety of historic and picturesque locations, Stephens County is a film-friendly county willing to assist producers and location managers looking for locations for all types of television and movie production. Stephens County has been designated a Camera Ready Community by the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office. The state established this program in 2010 to help Georgia Counties benefit from Georgia's burgeoning film industry. Some production needs and questions are best addressed on the local level.

For example, the state film office doesn't know about all the local lodging options, or the best cup of coffee in town, or how the permitting process works in various locales (permitting in Georgia is done at the local level). But we do. As demand for locations grows, Camera Ready allows us to provide exemplary service to filmmakers.

Local economic impact from production can be significant, including hiring of local residents, hotel stays and purchases of goods and services. Film-induced tourism can bring visitors to filming locations long after production has wrapped. Stephens County values being a part of the process and our goal is to parlay the work we do with filmmakers into a boon for our community.


A "Camera Ready Community"

Unique Filming Locations



Filmed in Toccoa-Stephens County


Heritage Falls

"Charlie Fitzpatrick is the most successful high school basketball coach in Georgia history. While many of his players think of him as a father, his relationship with his own “bookworm” son, Evan, is strained.

With the help of his wife, Laura and Evan’s wife, Heather, Charlie determines the best way to connect and bond is to take his son and grandson, Markie, who has just announced he’s dropping out of college to tour with his folk band, to a rustic mountain cabin for a weekend retreat. Only this cabin is the same site where he took his many winning teams to test their mettle over a grueling military-style obstacle course, the same one Evan, as a student never got the chance to complete. This is Charlie’s idea of fun, Evan’s idea of a nightmare, and Markie’s idea of—well he’s young and idealistic; he’s just going with the flow.

Over the course of three days, through hilarious moments, soul-searching moments and one experience that frightens them all to the core, the men discover what it means to be a father, a son, a grandfather, how deeply their lives are entwined with each other—and just how similar they really are." - Heritage Falls Website

Filming Locations


County Line

"Tough, no nonsense, Marine vet, Alden Rockwell has lost his bid for re-election as sheriff of Maksville County. Reluctantly, he settles into retirement, accepting that Preston, a smooth-talking, more politically savvy cop has taken his place—a cop he mentored.

Alden’s wife has passed, and still grieving, he spends much of his time tending to the chickens, pigs and house pets she loved on their farm. Even his daughter, Ember, who is following in his military footsteps, and about to deploy, can’t ease him from his malaise.

Alden’s good friend, Sheriff Clint Thorne, has been re-elected in neighboring York County. Alden and Clint go way back, growing up in their respective counties and serving together in Vietnam. Their friendship is solid made up of good-natured banter, sincere concern, and the kind of code passed between two law enforcement professionals who’ve worked cases all their lives. They’d been the two-county duo for years. It’s hard for Alden to sit on the sidelines…and soon he won’t be.

While investigating a mysterious symbol that’s appearing in more and more places in York County, Clint gets a little too close to the truth.

Now, Alden jumps into action alone, poking around for answers—and certain people are not pleased. As Alden works to seek the truth and justice for his friend, he’s drawn deeper into a web of crime, deceit, corruption, and evil threatening to take over the town—a web only he can untangle." - County Line Website

Filming Locations



Want to make a film in Toccoa-Stephens County?

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Have a unique filiming location in Toccoa-Stephens County?

Your home, field, barn, or unique feature can be in a video! Click the button below to see some of the locations film producers look for and snap a photo of it. Send the photo(s) to Julie Paysen at


Read more about film in Toccoa-Stephens County in an excerpt of the Mainstreet Toccoa's Living on Mainstreet!



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