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Toccoa-Stephens County Tomorrow

Toccoa-Stephens County Tomrrow is a privately-funded effort designed to turn our community’s potential into reality by focusing attention and resources on a common vision. It is a partnership between the T-SC Chamber of Commerce and the J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development. The Leadership Action Team, a diverse group of traditional and non-traditional leaders representing the entire community, leads the effort.


Listed below are some of T-SC Tomorrow's accomplishments.

  • Created the Leadership Action Team  
  • J. W. Fanning Analyzed Existing Strategic Plans
  • J. W. Fanning Faciliated Review and Analysis of Top Issues
  • Community Input Meeting
  • Summarized Community Input
  • Prioritized themes (issues)
  • Developed the Vision Statement
  • Identified 12 Themes, Theme Champions & Developed the Vision Plan
  • Presented the Vision Plan at Chamber's Annual Meeting

Vision Statement

Toccoa-Stephens County will set the standard for dynamic, rural communities where residents take pride and contribute to ensure an unsurpassed quality of life.

How the T-SC Tomorrow Process Works

  • Original Leadership Action Team will serve for at least a three year term.
  • A succession plan will be developed to keep the process and leadership team intact.
  • 12 themes have been identified that are critical to the achievement of the vision.
  • A champion has been identified to lead and promote each of the themes.
  • The Leadership Action Team will lend support and assistance to all theme efforts.?

The Champions

  • Champions represent and promote the common long-term community vision.
  • Champions are committed citizens who, by virtue of their positions or the committees they chair, are leading the efforts around their themes.

The Themes

  • Theme 1: Economic Development
  • Theme 2: Land Use Regulations
    • Champion: Cynthia Brown, Land Use Regulation Committee Chair
    • Mission: Develop a land use plan that will protect existing resources and promote positive growth.
  • Theme 3: Leadership
    • Champion: Greg Roach, Leadership T-SC Chair
    • Mission: Craft a leadership development process that identifies and cultivates sustainable, diverse, and committed participants who are engaged in community leadership.
  • Theme 4: Workforce Development
    • Champion: Dr. Mark Ivester, North Georgia Technical College VP of Economic Development
    • Mission: Cultivate a workforce that provides a competitive edge for existing businesses and attracts new companies to Toccoa-Stephens County.
  • Theme 5: Infrastructure
    • Champion: Tim Martin, SCDA Executive Director
    • Mission: Ensure the critical needs for adequate infrastructure (air, rail, and highway) and utility (water, wastewater, natural gas, electricity, and broadband) services are met to serve a dynamic, rural community.
  • Theme 6: Crime and Drug Abuse
    • Champions: Randy Shirley, Sheriff, and Tim Jarrell, Chief of Police
    • Mission: Protect lives and property of our citizens, deliver effective and responsive law enforcement services to all in a fair and equitable manner, and enhance public safety through coordinated treatment and intense supervision within the judicial system.
  • Theme 7: Quality of Life
    • Champion: Mike Haynie, 1st Franklin Financial VP of Human Resources
    • Mission: Accentuate the positives surrounding Toccoa and Stephens County and work with the community to ensure that strategies remain in place to work on any necessary improvements.
  • Theme 8: Downtown Development
    • Champion: Connie Tabor, Community Planning and Downtown Development Director
    • Mission: Improve the viability and appearance of the downtown district and stimulate long-term reinvestment through business recruitment and retention. This is all to be done within the context of historic preservation.
  • Theme 9: Litter and Blight
    • Champion: Tim Hale, Citizens Advisory Panel on Litter and Blight Chair
    • Mission: Increase the awareness of government officials and the general public about litter and blight within the community. Identify specific actions to fight the problem. The people of Toccoa-Stephens County care deeply about their community and environment.
  • Theme 10: Tourism
    • Champion: Wendi Bailey, Chamber of Commerce President
    • Mission: Attract visitors and business to Toccoa-Stephens County by promoting the county’s wide array of attractions, assets and events.
  • Theme 11: Education
    • Champion: Jason Kaup, Assistant Superintendent
    • Mission: Provide quality educational experiences and opportunities for the students in our community. Emphasize clear expectations for academic performance and broaden student experiences by promoting extracurricular pursuits and enrichment opportunities.
  • Theme 12: Healthcare
    • Champion: David Cronic, Toccoa Clinic Administrator
    • Mission: Provide quality healthcare services that are both accessible and convenient to promote a healthy lifestyle for all community members.

The SCDA is responsible for the recruitment of new businesses including industrial, manufacturing, distribution, corporate and regional headquarters and customer service centers. It also provides support and assistance with all other types of economic development projects.

The SCDA also works with existing businesses and industries to ensure their continued success. While recruitment of new industry is a significant function, aiding in existing industry expansion and retention is just as significant. About 80 percent of all new jobs in Georgia come as a result of existing industry expansion.

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